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2 of my favourite singers wearing the same Cheap Trick t-shirt :3 And Letters To Cleo already did, but where’s Green Day’s “I Want You To Want Me" cover?? That would be a dream come true! ♥ I read they played it at a soundcheck a long time ago, but there are no recordings… =/

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Anónimo preguntó: well there's a green day song called rusty James and if they ever play it live it its always just done acoustic and on the album its a full band songAny guess why they would do that / do you know of any of bands doing something similar


I think they played Rusty James once. And only Billie and Jason did, so maybe that’s why it was acoustic, they weren’t in a proper “Green Day” gig.  I have no idea how they or any other bands choose the songs, if they go by their favorites or the ones they think will be more fun to play. Knowing Green Day, maybe some day they’ll play Rusty James full band, like they’ve been doing with songs they never played before or played very few times.

(Long answer and I couldn’t say something concrete, so sorry if it doesn’t help you) :-)

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Facing realities with Mike.

(note: he didn’t say this. it’s a meme or whatever you wanna call it)

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Yesterday I watched Sweeney Todd on Sundance Channel, and I like it better than The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (‘cause there was no singing :P); but it had something I hated: WHY he killed Tommy??? —I mean, Matthew! He was a sweetheart :’(

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