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La pura y más triste verdad.

La pura y más triste verdad.

— hace 1 día
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I think there’s no The Drop at the theatre here. What am I gonna do? :’((

— hace 1 día
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I watched Locke (fucking finally!). And I have to say I didn’t know what to expect, actually. Haven’t read much about it ‘cause of possible spoilers that could ruin it for me :P All I knew was “the series of decisions” he had to make (or already made).

I suffered the whole thing in my stomach like it was happening to me! He was able to transmit all of it and it hurted (I felt so sorry for him :’( ) It’s not a happy movie at all, but I really liked it.

The thing about being “solid” so that it makes no difference what others might think about you is totally right. I liked when he said that. I also liked the moment when he smiles, even a little bit. It breaks my heart when he cries…  it’s hard to see (but it’s movie!)

So yeah… It was Life. And he faced it.

— hace 1 día con 1 nota
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