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"Para vivir de veras, debes vivir hoy."
Phil Bosmans
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Mad Max: Fury Road trailer looks fucking AWESOMEEEE!!! I can’t even imagine how crazy it’s going to be!!!

Next year it’ll be a sure date at the theatre =)

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Pensé que los veterinarios se hicieron veterinarios porque aman a los animales… ultimamente no veo nada de eso =’(

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There’s a horrid website about celebrity gossip (the kind of garbage I hate, but it appeared while I was photo-searching); and it says all kinds of horrible stuff about Billie!!! For example, that there’s rumor about his death but it’s not true; that he’s single AND married in secret; that there are naked photos filtered and more disrespectful and untrue shit.

The more I read, the more I couldn’t believe there’s scumbag enough in the world to write this bullshit, thinking they’ll get something out of it. I can’t even laugh at it ‘cause it’s NOTHING, and I won’t cry ‘cause it’s a waste.

It’s disgusting, and I hate to know there are people like that. I don’t care. But the reason why I wrote this is to tell something to those assholes

(the only devil I could find) but it works to what I mean.

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I never get tired of Arm-Strong.

I never get tired of Arm-Strong.

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